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Empowering Today’s Healthcare Via Robust and Blockchain-Backed Digital Health Platforms: the Plugin -Awatarpay partnership

New Delhi (India), March 13: Across the healthcare continuum, technological advances and collaborations continue to unlock game-changing possibilities. In particular, the evolving digital healthcare landscape has made possible the transition to more personalized and patient-centric care. And while at the same time ensuring that care is more omnipresent, less episodic, and fully integrated with the lifestyle of the population.

A case in point is the Plugin – Awatarpay partnership.

To have a better view of how blockchain-backed digital health systems can empower today’s healthcare, let’s take the Plugin – Awatarpay partnership as an example.

Plugin-Awatarpay Partnership: Why it Matters
 Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of tech innovations to improve the quality of care has skyrocketed. Moreso, the adoption of blockchain-based use cases in healthcare has grown tremendously, unleashing the benefits associated with patient-centric electronic health records, transparency in healthcare supply chains, and secure appointment data management systems.

In this light, the Plugin–Awatarpay collaboration seeks to build a robust healthcare platform for the numerous hospitals based in India. The platform will later launch and spread across the globe at a later stage.

Through the partnership, Awatarpay Private Limited-an Indian-based bootstrap start-up that focuses on digital health platforms-and SUVIK Technologies LLC will leverage their industry-leading capabilities to build MedAwater. Through the guidance of the Senior Blockchain Manager and Principal Blockchain Solution Architect at SUVIK Group –Logeswaran Audhikesavan–, team Plugin will help develop a robust digital health platform that uses accurate, secure, and verifiable real-world data. This will enable MedAwatar to deliver cutting-edge healthcare services and solutions to its customers, guaranteeing the clients with data security & privacy, and peace of mind.

According to Nandhavignesh Ram, the CEO of Awatarpay Private Limited, the partnership with SUVIK Group will offer a unique opportunity to enhance MedAwatar’s capabilities and provide greater value to customers. The CEO reiterated that XDC’s Plugin would ensure that the digital health platform is secure, reliable, and trusted— a trait that’s of utmost importance in the healthcare industry.

On the other hand, Vinod Khurana, Co-founder of Plugin and CEO of SUVIK Group(, pointed out that the partnership with Awatarpay Private Limited will bring numerous benefits associated with blockchain technology into the healthcare industry. In particular, Vinod noted that leveraging Plugin, which is built upon the XDC blockchain network, will permit MedAwatar to securely and accurately retrieve and verify real-world data. And, in turn, provide MedAwatar’s customers with the highest level of transparency and trust.

So, What’s MedAwatar (

MedAwatar is an enterprise-level application that’ll leverage XDC’s blockchain technology to offer unique healthcare services. These services will range from safe, secure, and convenient scheduling of patient appointments to generating unique digital IDs for clients via a blockchain-based decentralized identity management system.

What Unique Benefits will the Plugin-enabled MedAwatar Platform introduce

1. Compliance
 Leveraging Plugin’s decentralized oracle system and data networks, MedAwatar will seamlessly improve the verification of patients’ and healthcare practitioners ID’s, ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive health data. As well, the blockchain-based digital ID system will help get consent from patients on the use of protected healthcare information (PHI).

Compliance with laws and standards touching on patient information through the Plugin-enabled Medawatar will help healthcare facilities manage PHI-related risks and take precautions to avoid associated penalties. This is important in maximizing operational efficiencies and profits in today’s healthcare

2. Convenience
 Leveraging the XDC network and Plugin’s oracle network, MedAwatar’s users will have a robust, secure and easily accessible digital health platform. Through the platform, patients and healthcare providers can benefit from the ease of communication, ease of remodelling patient-doctor relations, and improved treatment outcomes.

MedAwatar will help doctors make exceptional decisions that’ll go into improving a patient’s treatment outcomes. Some of these decisions may include recommending changes in diet, lifestyle, or treatment plans.

Over time, the convenience that’s associated with the blockchain-based healthcare platform will introduce numerous benefits, improving the quality of healthcare in India and other nations.

3. Scalability
 Designed on the XDC blockchain (, which has transaction speeds of up to 2000 transactions per second, and leveraging XDC Plugin’s robust data oracle network, MedAwatar will introduce a highly scalable solution for healthcare facilities in India and other parts of the world.

4. Improving Workflows
 Studies have shown that inefficient clinical workflows in healthcare result in considerable waste in today’s healthcare. However, the introduction of robust digital health platforms has the potential to improve workflows, cutting losses associated with inefficiencies.

In this light, the inception of an XDC-based and Plugin-powered enterprise-level application through the Plugin–Awatarpay partnership will be a game changer in improving workflows.

5. Eliminating No-shows and Resulting Costs
 Patients not attending doctor’s appointments (also referred to as no-shows) significantly affect the cost of care and resource planning within today’s healthcare setup. No-shows also lead to a loss of anticipated revenue, particularly for healthcare services that are expensive and in high demand.

Over time, MedAwatar’s digital appointment scheduling system will help cut the number of no-shows, optimizing resource utilization and maximising revenues therein.

6. Interoperability
 Interoperability, which stands for the ability of different tech systems to communicate and interact with one another, is another unique benefit that MedAwatar will introduce.

With high interoperability, MedAwatar will benefit from high scalability, fast operational speeds and nearly non-existent gas fees. This will help MedAwatar provide an exceptional healthcare platform, helping boost healthcare within India.

Final Thoughts

As the healthcare space continues to evolve, there’s a need to adopt solutions that consider new shifts in healthcare as well as leverage new innovations to boost the quality of healthcare. One of the unique ways to develop and integrate innovative healthcare solutions is through game-changing partnerships. An example: the Plugin–Awatarpay partnership.

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