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TOP 3 Green Cryptocurrency to Invest In 2023

New Delhi [India], April 6: This is a set of three cryptocurrency-related texts, each introducing a different cryptocurrency and its unique features. The first is about Polygon (MATIC), which aims to make the Ethereum network more scalable and energy-efficient. The second introduces OUD Token, which focuses on tree preservation as a means of combating climate change. The third is about TRON (TRX), which has a robust banking infrastructure and supports decentralized gaming platforms. Additionally, all three can be bought on the ProBit Global cryptocurrency platform.

1. Polygon (MATIC) with their ‘Green Manifesto’ 

Designed to make the Ethereum network more scalable and energy-efficient, as a Layer-2 blockchain, Polygon can complete up to 65,000 transactions per second (TPS) while using a PoS consensus protocol – a far better approach for the environment than other methods. 

Polygon’s blog post recently outlined their ambitious ‘Green Manifesto’, aiming to make the network carbon-negative by 2023. To support their goal, they have pledged $20 million to various community initiatives fighting climate change, including the purchase of $400,000 worth of BCT and MCO2 carbon credits to offset emissions. By taking these steps, Polygon is on track to become the most sustainable cryptocurrency in the blockchain sector. 

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2. OUD Token

Today, we introduce OUD Token, the world’s most sustainable crypto-currency. OUD Token is the first-of-its-kind token to focus on tree preservation as a means of combating climate change. OUD Token is based on the highly valuable Aquilaria tree, which has been used for centuries in traditional medicine, perfumes, and other products. 

With OUD Token, users can track the growth of the Aquilaria tree through RFID and blockchain technology. This makes OUD Token one of the few cryptos that is actively involved in climate change prevention. It also makes the token highly valuable and sustainable as a business. 

The global demand for authentic carbon credits is growing, and OUD Token is positioned to become one of the leading solutions in this space. 

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3. TRON (TRX) robust banking infrastructure 

Founded in Singapore, TRON is a revolutionary non-profit organization and public blockchain supporting almost every programming language. Through its peer-to-peer platform, creators have the ability to share applications directly on the blockchain, making the whole process much more energy efficient. Furthermore, TRON operates with decentralized governance based on a two-tier system of Super Representatives (SR) and their Partners, with every account capable of becoming an SR and voting for SRs.

The TRON currency, Tronix, is pre-mined and can be traded on popular exchanges like Binance. With big plans for the future, TRON is looking to leverage its platform to create decentralized gaming platforms. 

The TRON founder Justin Sun shared his willingness to collaborate with his friends to “provide funding, management, and operational support”. He added that a “robust banking infrastructure” bridging traditional finance and novel digital finance is necessary for a “wider adoption of cryptocurrencies.” Read more 

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ProBit Global 

Founded in 2018, ProBit Global is a Top 20 cryptocurrency platform featuring access to more than 800 cryptocurrencies and over 1000 different markets. ProBit Global aims to position itself as a world-class exchange for both crypto enthusiasts and novice investors, and boasts a user base of more than 2,000,000 active users, globally. 

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