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Accurate Content Strategy and Tech-Integrated Publishing enabling us to disrupt at Scale: Saurabh Jain, MD, Vidya Prakashan

Mr. Surendra Kr Jain, Chairman & Mr. Saurabh Jain, Managing Director, Vidya Prakashan Mandir

“Our vision is to produce and publish high-quality content in a mode acceptable to the student community. We work daily to chase our ambitions and develop Vidya Prakashan into India’s Top Publishing House catering to Students’ Learning Needs with Books & Technology in a deeply Impact driven fashion. Inspiring Learners, Innovation Learning – is the central principle behind every single effort at VPML”, Saurabh Jain, MD, Vidya Prakashan

August 1: Leading a more than four-decade-old Publishing Giant through unprecedented challenges during a global pandemic, Mr. Saurabh Jain not only steered Vidya Prakashan Mandir (VPML) with profitability but launched a chain of innovative initiatives to bring VPML to a fresh, upgraded identity as a Publishing Pioneer. 

Coming from a largely trusted Business Lineage, Masters in Management from Cardiff University, UK, Mr. Jain shared how COVID brought about a never-before upgradation in the learning needs of students, and the challenges favourably pushed Vidya Prakashan to evolve from Traditional Book Publishing to Tech-Integrated Books & Digital Content Dissemination. 

At VPML, the processes are obsessively designed to chase accurate and authentic content development with zero tolerance for quality. And that has earned the enterprise an exceptional reputation as a publisher in the academic community. “Vidya Question Banks” for UP Board & “MaxxMarks Books’ Series” for CBSE Board Students are two Flagship Products that have refined how students prepare before the exams. While the game-changing New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is around with no clear implementation guidelines, bearing the responsibility as a Publisher, Vidya Prakashan is proactively setting the ground, ready to serve as a crucial catalyst in complying with and realizing the intended objectives of NEP.

While exam-cracking content has remained Vidya Prakashan’s core strength for decades, the global pandemic ignited an opportunity to invite a digital Renaissance for Vidya Prakashan. In a very short span from 2019-2022, VPML scored an online community of almost a million students, developed Hybrid Online Applications (Mobile/Web), deployed Live Streaming Studios, produced hundreds of GBs of digitally consumable content, and activated almost every major online channel to build up a scalable community. 

With its progressively adaptable publishing, Vidya Prakashan Mandir is already distributing more than 50 million books annually PAN India. And now, with its Tech blending, the company aims to boost its books and digital distribution by 5x by 2025.

Mr Jain quotes philosophically, “As an enterprise, while welcoming advancements, innovation, and progressive evolution, we try to never deviate from the guiding principles laid down by our Philanthropic Founder, Shri Sukhbir Singh Jain Ji, who would deeply emphasize Business with Purpose.

As the Top Executive of this Multi-Million Dollar Publishing Enterprise, Mr. Jain suggests that they adapt various innovative approaches in business to accelerate the sale and consequent profits. However, the company continually strives to bring more value to students, gauge growing learning requirements, and, most importantly, execute ground research to empower educators and mentors with tested tools and resources.

To measure the needs on the ground, thus Vidya Prakashan organizes a ‘Samvad Yatra” programme annually where executive teams visit and interact directly with students, teachers, school leaders, coaching centres, etc. to discuss their ground concerns, fetch actionable feedback, and translate the outcomes towards improving the company’s Product & Content Roadmap.

eVIDYA – Vidya Prakashan’s Edtech Child.

Turning a challenge into an opportunity is an art that every entrepreneur must learn, suggests Mr Jain. Proficient in the very Art, he not only sailed the company with profitability through the unanticipated period of the global crisis but under his fine leadership, Vidya Prakashan gave birth to a disruptive Test Prep Edtech Startup, eVIDYA.

Mr. Saurabh Jain presents his debut startup – eVIDYA, as a Vernacular “n” Blended Test-Prep-Publishing Edtech Venture aimed at offering Tech-Integrated Paperback Books along with App-based Practice Simulations & Live Preparation Support designed and developed for Aspirants contending in top competitive and entrance exams. As a purpose-driven venture, eVIDYA aims to solve Test Prep Problems of more than 100 Million Aspirants from cities tier II, III, and IV by deploying a Blended Test Prep Environment tailored to address learning problems personal & specific to the Students in the deep demographics of Bharat!!!

Confident Mr. Saurabh Jain declares that eVIDYA has served more than 1 Million Aspirants with its Tech Integrated Books, eVidya Practice App, Free Live Classes, Notes etc. Over this, eVidya has successfully developed a highly vibrant community of more than 5 Lac Aspirants across Open Forums and Community Platforms like Youtube, Telegram, etc. To enable resource distribution in Deep Demographics, eVidya has partnered with and empowered over 1000 Coaching Establishments in PAN India.

Mr. Jain concludes, “We have just scratched a bit on the surface while an enormous potential in the Education & Publishing Industry is still untapped. Millions of learners and educators are still deprived of new-age learning resources. Understanding our responsibility as one of the longest serving publishing houses in the country, we are aggressively heading towards advancing & scaling our product line, tech integration, distribution & overall publishing design to reach every needy learner of Bharat “.

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