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Vivek Chohan is an epitome of success and motivation for all aspiring entrepreneurs the world

August 24: Delhi-based boy owns so many companies in India and out of India too.

An exuberant young man, Vivek Chohan is the Director and CEO of Make me pure, Pure soul Consultation PVT LTD, The Pavors, Pure soul marketing, Make Me Pure INT, PS Digital Solution, and Wisaa Goods Wholesalers in India and UAE. Vivek Chohan has earned laurels in various different Professions Like meditation centres, Digital Marketing, Goods selling, etc. He has great experience of 9-10 years in business start-ups, and he is also a kind-hearted man who helps others.

He has officially worked with many entrepreneurs and businesses. He has a down-to-earth personality and always works hard to grow more. He started his work in 2000, and Now Vivek Chohan has worked for more than 1000+ clients. His first preference was to provide good services to their clients, and he has great feedback from his clients for his amazing way of working. He always has a goal to provide good services and achieve success.

He helps young entrepreneurs to start a new business by Refining their idea, watching their business plans, Assessing their finance, Determining their legal business structure, helping them to build their team, make their business a brand and also help them to be their business partner as well or growing their capital of the business.

Vivek Chohan’s ambition has always been to constantly hone his skills at creating an ambience, an experience that leaves an indelible imprint on the mind of the visitor.

Service is the single most important factor that has made him touch the skies of praiseworthy appreciation; the capacity to step into the client’s shoes and work from that position thereafter.

Crafting products and services that appeal and at the same hold not merely a highly prized monetary notion but rather espouse a tangible emotional bond is something that Vivek Chohan had to work hard at from young age days.

He started his business at a very young age in India as a director and CEO of a meditation centre, Make me pure in Delhi, Restaurant, The Pavors in Delhi; slowly down, he started many other companies and also he starts his many other companies in Dubai too.

Today we’re simultaneously living in two worlds — the real world and the social media world. As a business owner, he is trying to build an impactful brand, and it can be hard to separate these two worlds, leading to serious burnout that Mr. Chohan has experienced himself, and that was one of the main reasons behind establishing Digital Media.

Being an entrepreneur sounds so exciting and tempting. No bosses anymore, no pressure from a job that is not satisfying you, and no limited paycheck. Sounds like a pretty cool deal, huh? Entrepreneurial life is definitely really exciting. But 9-5 will almost immediately turn to 24/7. Your customers become your new bosses, and the size of your paycheck will vary from month to month. It’s pretty easy to say an entrepreneur, but working all the time is so more difficult as an entrepreneur. Mr. Vivek Chohan stands as an ideal personality for the upcoming young entrepreneurs to work hard and never give up in their life.

He is a different type of personality who also work for charity and help the needy. He always shares his profits with charity work. He always says, “Take a few minutes and think of what makes you feel great, what energizes you, and what you cannot imagine life without. Write it down. Then think of which activities can make you money and reduce your list to that which you are passionate about and can make you money. Passion is your fuel. Your business will have its ups and downs, but passion will make your stay in the game.”

He always meets with a great charm on his face to make other happy, which make him more attractive and wise. He thinks “Success is the key to happiness” when you feel happy and make others happy too, you work better. He loves working with a happy and relaxed mind that helps him make good decisions for his business and co-workers.

Vivek Chohan work in many fields of business like Make me pure, Pure soul Consultation PVT LTD, The Pavors, Pure soul marketing, Make Me Pure INT, PS Digital Solution, and Wisaa Goods Wholesalers in India and UAE. Nowadays, he is working on expanding his business empire and helping the youth work with him and gain experience.

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