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VIOTX UMBRELLA Group has Launched UBX – Virtual Digital Asset (VDA) Index Fund in August 2022

New Delhi, December 07: India’s one of Top Virtual Digital Asset Index Fund. It will feature the 12 most traded Virtual Digital Asset listed on leading VDA exchanges across the world by market capitalization. The VDA index is similar to the Nifty 50 that features the 50 most prominent players in the capital markets across sectors. 

How does it work and how will help investors? Here’s all you should know about the UBX – VDA Index Fund.

As India is witnessing a booming WEB 3 VDA industry, several players are showing interest in investing and offering services for investors in the country. In that effort, VIOTX UMBRELLA Group Working in Web 3 Market from 2015 has launched a VDA index for Indian Users & investors. 

To Buy and Hold is the Way User Can Gain from Value Appreciation from the VDA but Project Research, Team behind Working them and World Market Directly Involved Resulting High Volatility are some of Big Issue in Selecting VDA.

In Order to Track and Hold All Best WEB 3.0  VDA Projects is to Track VDA Index Fund .In a statement, the company said the index is aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge of the WEB 3.0 Market and block-chain ecosystem.

The Pune – based company said UBX has been designed to provide insights into Cyber Security and the true benchmark and a mirror of the underlying VDA market, a barometer of the industry in a sense, with a diversified representation of overall market sentiments. It added that the index will help investors understand how virtual coin trading works. The development comes at a time when Virtual Digital Asset trade has seen a massive jump in India, with more retail investors showing interest in virtual Digital Asset /Coin/Token despite concerns around Regulation.

Problem Solving –

In India Web 3 Market is Evolving at a Fast  Pace but Retail Users are Putting their Money in Meme Tokens, Coins without Taking Proper Knowledge and Instead of Focusing on Technology and Real Use Case ,People are Putting their Money Scam Projects.


It may be noted that the UBX index comprises a Team Committee that includes Domain experts, industry practitioners as well as academicians. They will be in charge of monitoring and maintaining the index, including reshuffling of the top 12 VDA.

Nikhil Rindhe, Managing Director and CEO of VIOTX UMBRELLA Group, said, “Our approach is to facilitate market development and mitigate risk to a great degree by presenting all possible tools to evaluate possibilities and make decisions.”

“We want all participants to utilize, to the fullest, this research-oriented, technology-powered opportunity for tracking the market,” he added. For a Virtual Digital Asset to be listed on the index, it needs to trade on at least 90 per cent of the trading days during the review period and should remain in the top 50 in terms of circulating market capitalization during the preceding month.

As mentioned earlier, the index will be monitored, reviewed and re-balanced every quarter. Proof of Holding will be Show in Balance Sheet. The UBX Gives value of the index by Showing Proof of Reserves Mechanism. The Top VDA is Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and Binance Coin which occupy the four leading positions.


The objective of the UBX index is to provide insights into index-linked products such as VDA ETFs and funds. It will also help provide information about VDA Staking Projects and the overall Virtual Digital Asset market. It will help investors understand crucial details about the WEB 3.0 Virtual Digital Asset ecosystem and also provide solutions for diversified investments in VDA.

It will not only help WEB 3.0 Users , but also enthusiasts and investment managers, given the fact that it is a fundamental VDA market tracking index that will provide overall reflection of global markets.

With a view to empowering knowledge on VDA and block chain ecosystem, VIOTX UMBRELLA Group, UBX – Global VDA Index Fund launch of India’s first index of Virtual Digital Asset   which is a rule-based broad market index by market capitalization.

The UBX tracks and measures the performance of the top 12 widely traded liquid Virtual Digital Asset listed on leading VDA exchanges of the world, the company stated. 

Over the past years, Virtual Digital Asset has emerged as an asset class in themselves, gaining wider acceptance and drawing people’s interests. An index that captures over 80 per cent of market movement is, thus, a fundamental market tracking and assessing tool to base decisions on and enhance transparency.

VIOTX UMBRELLA Group’s Index Governance Committee, comprising domain experts, Industry Practitioners, and Academicians, will maintain, monitor, and administer the index while re-balancing it every quarter. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano ,Binance Coin, Polkadot, Polygon ,Near Protocol ,Axie Infinity , Celo ,Algorand ,Avalanche , Decentraland will be the 12  constituents of UBX.

Launching UBX, VIOTX UMBRELLA Group Managing Director and CEO Nikhil Rindhe said, “With the launch of India’s first index of VDA UBX, we intend to complete the knowledge circle for the entire VDA and block chain Eco-system.”

It presents an easy solution to follow for having a diversified portfolio, acts as a performance benchmark for fund managers, facilitates accurate replication of the index, and be the preferred index for the creation of index-linked products like index funds, ETFs among others, and positions the index for efficient derivatives trading in the Virtual Digital Asset trading marketplace, UBX Team stated.

The index enables VDA enthusiasts, investors, and investment managers to monitor the performance of Virtual Digital Asset in the global markets.

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